New View Entertainment LLC, is a film development and production company founded by Michael Wallace to develop and produce screenplays. We believe that the story starts with the screenplay, but through the collaborative process of film-making, evolves into a piece of art that we hope will both entertain and inspire people.

Projects in Development

Kidside Trader

A successful Wall Street executive during the "dot com" boom returns to his hometown and attempts to win back his childhood sweetheart by mentoring a kid in a school stock trading club, in the school where she teaches. He finds himself under the scrutiny of the SEC, when it is discovered that the kid is trading real stocks using his inside knowledge. Now the executive must decide between saving his career and fortune, or saving the kid and losing it all, but maybe just winning back the girl of his dreams.


Prisoners of Our Possessions

A career obsessed CEO of a successful Mortgage Banking company neglects his family in pursuit of his business ambitions, until his brother's death changes everything. His guardian angel, sent to guide him  in his brother's absence, struggles to get him to change his priorities until it is too late.  Is he finished? Or will he be given one final chance to save his world?


For the Love of Buffalo

An ambitious young sportswriter living in Los Angeles, visits to his hometown and is drawn into the great controversy over the future of their football team. He is forced to choose between his personal ambitions to advance his career, the love of his life, and the community he left behind.




New York, USA



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